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Alex Diener — Jul 08, 2010

This tutorial is about quaternions - a way of representing rotations in three-dimensional space. You should be familiar with the Vector tutorial before reading this one.

Vector Tutorial

Alex Diener — Mar 28, 2010

All about vectors, an essential tool in any game developer’s toolbox. Useful for expressing spatial position, orientation, direction, distance, and more.

iPhone SDK Development

Sean Maher — Dec 08, 2009

'iPhone SDK Development' by Bill Dudney and Chris Adamson is one of the 'third wave' of iPhone programming books, and an excellent tour of Cocoa Touch and Xcode -- the libraries and IDE for iPhone programming.

REALbasic 2009 Release 4 for Macintosh

Joe Flores — Dec 02, 2009

REALbasic is an OOP language that may not be as full of inhumane syntax and blinding speed as Objective-C, but still manages a fair amount of logical power. Besides, it will compile native apps for Mac, Windows and Linux with the same code quickly, simply, and easily. In addition, it has pre-existing classes for just about everything you would need for a game: timers, OpenGL canvases, network sockets, and database interfaces.

uDeadGame Postmortem

William Griffin — Sep 02, 2009

Super Laser Racer Postmortem

Simon Read — Aug 10, 2009

Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK

Alex Sikora — Jul 02, 2009

Beginning iPhone Development advertises itself as “A complete course in iPhone and iPod touch programming” and I think it fulfills its promise. Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche have plenty of experience and it shows in this book.

Simoebic Dysentery Postmortem

Joe Flores — May 20, 2009

GnomeSpy Postmortem

James Dessart — May 13, 2009

Manuev'It! Postmortem

David Guy — May 12, 2009

Surrounded by Death Postmortem

Matt Hergaarden — May 12, 2009

Laserface Jones Postmortem

Justin Ficarrotta — May 05, 2009

The postmortem of the uDevGames 2008 winner Laserface Jones vs. Doomsday Odious, from Justin Ficarrotta, creator of past entries and winners such as Kill Dr. Koté and Arachnoid: Predator of Worlds.

Constellation Postmortem

Matthew Woods — Apr 20, 2009

Boston - Mouse in the Sewer Postmortem

Lincoln Green — Apr 16, 2009

gw0rp Postmortem

Stephen Johnson — Apr 13, 2009

Reclaimed Postmortem

Andy Korth — Apr 08, 2009

FIDRIS Postmortem

Iain Bethune — Apr 06, 2009

FIDRIS is a fast-paced puzzle game where you are the traffic controller of a spaceport. Your objective is to make as much money as possible by servicing incoming ships as quickly as possible. As you make enough money to pass a level, you move onto newer, bigger, busier spaceports.

Designing Virtual Worlds

Ivan Milles — May 16, 2006

'Designing Virtual Worlds' must be the most definitive work to date on the phenomenon that is today lazily dubbed “Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games”. While this book goes over MMORPGs in great detail, it quickly points out that Virtual Worlds (VWs) can be so much more than EverQuest.

uDevGames 2011

Convergence — Best Gameplay
Kung Fu Killforce — Best Overall Game, Best Audio, Best Presentation
Flying Sweeden — Best Graphics, Most Original
Time Goat — Best Story