Penguin Power!

By James Cross

James Cross
Mac OS 8.6 (with CarbonLib 1.25), Mac OS 9/X, G4 400 MHz, 64MB RAM, ATI Radeon/NVidia GeForce card

Someone has frozen the penguin's fish supply! One penguin, Henrietta, takes up the task of strapping on her rocket pack and penetrating deep into the slippery ice caves in search of the frozen fish. The ice caves are full of danger; icicles, hot springs, slippery slopes, and evil blue crabs will all get in Henrietta's way as you try to solve the puzzles and get her to the frozen fish. Along the way she can push ice blocks to help her reach her goal and collect ice cream bars to gain bonus points. Eat all the ice cream bars on a level to get a 1000 point bonus. Penguins LOVE ice cream!


July 18, 2010

uDevGames 2011

Convergence — Best Gameplay
Kung Fu Killforce — Best Overall Game, Best Audio, Best Presentation
Flying Sweeden — Best Graphics, Most Original
Time Goat — Best Story