uDevGames 2004

iDevGames, Do uDevGames?

uDevGames, “The Mac Game Development contest” was established by iDevGames in 2001 to energize game development on the Macintosh platform. Now, in its fourth year, and having awarded over $50,000 worth of prizes to past winners, it’s no surprise that the uDevGames contest has garnered such praise as, “The best thing to ever happen for independent Mac game developers.” With more than 80 entries since the inaugural contest, the uDevGames contest is fulfilling its original mission of educating, expanding, and promoting all aspects of independent game development on the Macintosh.

Why uDevGames?

  • Encourage the creation of new and original games on the Mac.
  • Highlight the brightest and most creative upcoming developers on the Mac.
  • Educate developers about professional game development through participation.
  • Simulate the pressures of the industry, while promoting the need for polished games.
  • Facilitate the exchange of source code, for the betterment of the community.
  • Increase cross-platform developers’ interest in the Macintosh platform.

Contest Highlights

The uDevGames contest is iDevGames’ unique grass-roots initiative to highlight our community to gamers, as well as a development platform capable of producing the most innovative cross-platform titles in the industry. Here’s why uDevGames has become the Mac gaming event of the year:

  • Source code from all entries is released back into the community.
  • Fantastic prizes are awarded to motivate developers to do their best.
  • Anyone can enter using any development tool that produces double-clickable, native Mac OS X applications.
  • The Best Overall Game is demonstrated at MacWorld’s Mac OS X Arcade.
  • The contest produces a wide range of free games for players to enjoy.
  • Gamer participation is encouraged through feedback and play testing.
  • Door prizes are given to randomly selected voters.

See Inside Mac Game’s favorite picks of uDevGames 2004 entries.


Best Overall Game Award

  • ShineBug by Charles Goran
  • Gameplay Category
  • Kill Dr. Cote by Justin Ficarrotta
  • Snowball by Aaron Sullivan
  • l1neum by Rene Bauer

Graphics Category

  • ShineBug by Charles Goran
  • SolarQuest by Andrew Farley
  • Rescue by Neil Carter

Audio Category

  • ShineBug by Charles Goran
  • Rescue by Neil Carter
  • Bug Thug by Jonathan Czeck

*Originality Category *

  • BugThug by Jonathan Czeck
  • ShineBug by Charles Goran
  • Snowball by Aaron Sullivan

Story Category

  • Nanocrisis by Alex Ni
  • Rescue by Neil Carter
  • Dead Days by Tobias Opfermann

Polish Category

  • SolarQuest by Andrew Farley
  • BugThug by Jonathan Czeck
  • ShineBug by Charles Gowan

Best Newcomer Award

  • BugThug by Jonathan Czeck

Editor’s Prize Award

  • Feathered Soccer by Ludovico Rossi

Honorable Mention Awards

  • Ark Annoyed 3D by Mike Plouffe
  • Bit Racer by Will Thimbley
  • Icarus by Brian Ramagli
  • Wild Lands Hockey by Kevin Dromereski

uDevGames 2004 Schedule

  • Official Start: August 9, 2004
  • Registration Deadline: October 25, 2004
  • Entry Fee Required: November 1, 2004
  • Game Playable Required: November 6, 2004
  • Voting Begins: November 8, 2004
  • Voting Ends: November 22, 2004
  • Game Source Code Required: November 24, 2004
  • Postmortems Required: December 3, 2004
  • Announcement of Winners: December 6, 2004
    Note: All deadlines are 11:59pm GMT on the given date.

uDevGames 2011

Convergence — Best Gameplay
Kung Fu Killforce — Best Overall Game, Best Audio, Best Presentation
Flying Sweeden — Best Graphics, Most Original
Time Goat — Best Story