By Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson
Mac OS X 10.4 or later with Intel processor, ~60MB disk space

Adjectives that describe gw0rp: * Exciting! * Astounding! * Sticky!

That’s right, sticky. Most top-down shooters put you in a vehicle that moves in one or two dimensions and can have health and weapon upgrades that do not affect the physical vehicle. In gw0rp, you improve your ship by adding physical objects such as guns, thrusters, and repair units to it. If you’re in the middle of a firefight, you can ram a stationary turret, and if it doesn’t explode, you can make it a part of your ship. The game is named after the main character, a cybernetic being who is exploring distant planets for strip mining purposes. When he finds an inhabited planet, he must defend himself against hostile forces while finding suitable mining strategies. Excitement! Astoundment! Stickiness! Cybernetic beings! 32 levels!

We did our best to provide an original game experience, but there are a few bugs. Please email me or post on the iDevGames forum with any issues, and we will do our best to fix them quickly.

For more information, visit gw0rp’s web site at

This game requires Mac OS X 10.4 with an Intel processor. However, I cannot personally test on 10.3 or 10.4, so if you have problems, don’t hesitate to contact me at


Exciting! Astounding! Sticky!

Exciting! Astounding!...

July 17, 2010

uDevGames 2011

Convergence — Best Gameplay
Kung Fu Killforce — Best Overall Game, Best Audio, Best Presentation
Flying Sweeden — Best Graphics, Most Original
Time Goat — Best Story