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Full Version: 5 reasons no one is buying your app
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I recently began blogging about mobile development, design, the App markets, etc.

I wanted to share my latest post about identifying why your app is not selling out there.

Hope you find these tips useful.

- Pablo
I like how you don't say "cause your game is bad, and you should feel bad"

Hahah well... Actually, there are lots of apps that are really bad/scams but they just sell well because they have super cool icons, cool screenshots, a super compelling description and lots of fake reviews.
Hey Pablo, interested in putting some of these articles on iDG?
Hi Seth, yes of course!
PM me or contact me through my blog and we'll talk about it!
I'll have to agree with the first comment on your blog post. You can design an icon that looks like the insides of the ark of the covenant but no one will notice if they can't see it. Visibility is numero uno on the App Store and it's really (like really really) hard to get.
Nice post, thank you, i would add some more points here

Not studying the market and competitors
People not understanding what your app is for
Programming issues
Nice post. The app icon is very, very important to me. How nice and informative it is, is often an indicator of how much attention to detail was paid in other parts of the app. And the devil is in the details.
Nice Reasons about not buying game,

Here i am suggesting careful about buying game

-The icon is must impressive
-Apps name choose better
-Put better screen shots
-Try to get positive reviews
Thank you so much for these articles. I am just about to send my first app to iTunes. I had already realized how important the art work was, but you gave me a lot more to think about. I forwarded this on to my iOS professor. Hopefully, he will share it with future classes.
Thank you so much for sharing.

The industry is moving so fast now, awesome way to promote gets outdated in one month.

What we are doing now (after trying everything else), is contacting youtubers (kids half our age). And the funny thing is that we got reviewed, and sales are increasing quite a bit actually. And I feel young again ;-)
A lot of people don't put too much thought on simple things, but they can make a difference. I see potentially good apps with names that don't fit well. When you come up with a name for your app, think about all the people who will pass by your app but you won't have a chance to present it. The name (along with the icon) is part of the first impression, and should explain your idea without having to explain. Smile

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