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Full Version: Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Composer Seeking Work
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I'm Sam Foster and I do custom music for video games and films. Recently finished scoring some animations. And, scored an indie feature film and some video games. Rates are negotiable.

For more info (Rates, Licensing, Contact Info, etc.), visit my site at:

If interested, contact me via email or on my site's online contact form.

Alternatively, I have a small selection of royalty-free tracks available here (you can either purchase the whole album or purchase tracks separately):
Got several projects coming out soon!
I now have a small selection of affordable royalty free tracks available for games here:
Working on a sci fi game and a browser based game!
Looking for more mobile games to score!
Looking for work!
I'd love to score some more mobile/casual games!
Anyone need some music?
Looking for some more work!
Looking for some more casual games to work on!
Looking for more projects!
Looking for some more work!
Looking for another project!
Looking for projects!
Just finished scoring an unannounced Norwegian mobile game!
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