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Full Version: Incorrect Environment Variables?
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Hi, I was hoping someone could help me figure out why


always translates to "-iphoneos", regardless of whether I'm running in the simulator or on the iOS device.

Perhaps I'm using the wrong environment variable. What I want is for it to be "-iphoneos" when I'm running it on the device and "-iphonesimulator" when on the simulator.

Many thanks in advance.
Update: I fixed the issue.


should be


The first one was taken out of a shell script.
Speaking of which...

Where is a good list of all the environment variables?
Do a clean build and look at the build log. Other than that, if you search for it, many of them are probably in the documentation.
There is documentation, but there's nothing like seeing the actual values. Xcode used to print all of them before running a shell script build phase.
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