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Full Version: any suggestion for game poster design
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Hello every one, this is the facebook banner for our new game "turtle rescue", any suggestion?[Image: 462619_465154076834656_437754249574639_1...5703_o.jpg]
Looks good except for the red area. "Coming soon on app store" was kind of hard to read, but maybe that's just me.
Yeah, remove the red area and just put the "Available on the App Store" button in the bottom right corner.

The text there "We can make your app games Usable for all walks of people" seems a little strangely worded... Are you just selling the game or offering development services of some sort? Accessibility related?

If that's what you're shooting for, I think you could say it more succinctly and clearly.
Yeah, its pretty good and I also agree with others that you should remove the red area.
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