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Full Version: Low Cost App Advertising Available Now!
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Looking For LOW COST Advertising For Your Game?

AppOtaku Promote is now available! Get your app out infront of an audience of gamers actively searching for the best games for as low as $1/day.

Everyday, lots of cool apps are released by indie developers that go unnoticed in the massive app store and by gamers that don't look past the top 10 list. with over 1,000 titles listed AppOtaku is an alternate app store which launched in April to help indie game developers get exposure they deserve. Our goal is to bring gamers and game publishers together.

As the site is now rapidly growing, advertising your app for one month is now available for a lot less than app reviews sites charge. Choose your date and go! It's that simple. Since each ad zone is limited to a few spots every month, we're expecting ad space to go fast, so make sure you reserve your date now!


FREE AppOtaku Pro Account ($30 value) with purchase of ad space.
An AppOtaku ProAccount allows you to upload unlimited apps to the marketplace and allows users to follow your app, even if it's unreleased!

Sign up today for AppOtaku. It's Free!

and make sure you check out the AppOtaku mobile store on your iPhone at!
Thanks for sharing AppOtaku. Apps advertising is a good way to promote your apps and games. Wink There is another page here where you can advertise your apps and games for low price.
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