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Full Version: Sell Your Unwanted Apps
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I'm seeking app developers with a portfolio of Apps. I'm the founder of TwistMob, a marketplace whereby devs list they apps for sale and buyers bid to buy these apps.
I need a favour in return for a favour. If you list apps for sale in TwistMob after reading this thread, I will will upgrade your free listing to feature on the landing page in bold and highlight. This benefits you by having more chance of successfully selling your apps.

Your welcome to check out the site by visiting . Contact me via the site of you want the free upgrades.

are any apps truly unwanted?
(Jul 11, 2012 12:18 PM)skyhawk Wrote: [ -> ]are any apps truly unwanted?
You make a good point skyhawk. Do you think many people have a price they will sell a loved app? I guess Draw Something had a price of $100m to sell up. I guess everyone has a price.

Maybe I'll see more app devs listing a clone of their beloved apps for sale. This will be useful to buyers if the devs offer to rebrand the app appearance. At least the original devs make money on copycat apps rather than waiting for someone else to swoop in and steal their app ideas.
(Jul 11, 2012 12:18 PM)skyhawk Wrote: [ -> ]are any apps truly unwanted?

Based on the sales numbers of my games I believe I can say with confidence... yes, there are apps that are truly unwanted.

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