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Full Version: $150 - Looking For a Good 2D Interface Artist (Buttons, Text Boxes, Frames, etc)
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We opened a req for an artist that can build us a game UI (buttons, text boxes, frames, etc) for $150. It has been open 3 weeks now and we have had 5 separate artists apply totaling 6 submissions but we haven't received any submissions that meet what we're looking for yet.

If you're interested in the $150 payment please visit the site, view the asset request details and submit a piece of spec work that shows us what your menu idea is made of!

Here is a link to the Asset Details

Hint: You can get extra details about what we do and don't like by looking at the GALLERY and reading our comments on each previous submission.
Forgot to add this earlier ....

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or even reply to this posting.

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