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Full Version: Artist looking for collaboration with developer
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I am artist looking to collaborate with a developer on a mobile game.
I don't have anything in mind but would love to create a 2d scrolling type of game (angry birds, tiny wings, etc)

You can see examples of my work here

vector -

[Image: outlawalien.png?pictureId=15572664]
[Image: bb-horizontal.png?pictureId=13971165]

bitmap -

[Image: on_the_road_puzzle-l.png]
[Image: wp11.jpg]
[Image: wp1.jpg]

please contact me if you are interested
Hi Alex,

I'm looking for some help/collaboration on my project which I describe in this forum ( Your style seems to maybe be a match I'm looking for someone to help creating art, levels and animation. Check it out and let me know info you might be interested and want to learn more.

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