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Full Version: Stanford iTunes CS106B Library Discrepancy Question
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I am using the free iTunesU classes from Stanford to learn how to program. I worked through CS106A in Java and have now moved on to CS106B using C++ before I end with CS198 so I can begin iOS development. It's been a good learning path but I have discovered a discrepancy between the CS106B C++ libraries as discussed in the lectures (dated 2008) and the current material on

I am using Xcode 4.4 and download the assignments from The lectures make reference to a genlib.h header file that the course reader does not. The course reader uses #include namespace std; instead.

Can anyone shed some light on why Stanford moved away from using genlib.h and what the real difference is between using the .h and the namespace line? I am going to have to translate the examples in the lecture into something I can actually use so it would be beneficial to understand the true difference.

genlib.h was a custom header. See this explanation:
(Aug 4, 2012 01:09 PM)PowerMacX Wrote: [ -> ]genlib.h was a custom header. See this explanation:

Thanks. I appreciate the quick reply. I guess I'm mostly curious why the Stanford CS department decided to move away from using their genlib.h library file and went to using namespace std instead. This was probably the result of a deliberate change in teaching this small part of C++ and I was curious why they chose to do so.
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