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Full Version: looking for young artists and programmers
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Hello, My name is Dante. Iam a project leader/2D artist of a small team (4members) in need more members for the next project.
Right now, I would like to hire a few young 2D artists and programmers who are wishing to get experience in the gaming community.
_1 2D pixel artist
_1 2D game designer
_1 concept artist
_2 programmers
It is not paid work, but we ll share profit and give credit, of course.
So, if you would like to join the team please go ahead and email me at: or wonman321(skype) Smile
P/S: You do not have to be super talented and good to join this team. It is just for experience!
Young? Seems like an odd thing to specify. Is there a reason you wouldn't want older people looking to get some experience under their belt?
no, I mean "young" = "beginner":( . Everyone who want to gain ex can join us.Smile
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