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Full Version: Criticize game concept
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We are working on some tutorials for our library — a kind of step-by-step guides to modeling fairly complex objects.
In the process, we came up with an interesting idea of a game for iOS devices. Could you please criticize the idea?
You need to assemble a conveyor consisting of different pieces of equipment, each responsible for a specific action. Each unit must be configured first – that is, its parameters must be adjusted for a specific task. The output of one unit is sent to the next unit’s input. The first levels will be linear conveyors, but the units can be organized as a graph later on.
The objective of each level is to produce a certain object.

Let’s use the first tutorial as an example
Just looking at the picture gives you an idea of the kind of machinery to be used in the game.

Theoretically, we can model tons of objects. We can also add a special mode where the player will be able to model anything they like.

The main point is that everything is designed as a game and isn’t too difficult.

How does it sound?
I think it sounds like a pretty good idea. I think would be a challedge to do on a iPhone. On the Mac or iPad you would have plenty of screen space for UI. I look forward to seeing it.
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