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Full Version: Selected work by Python Blue
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First, let me start by saying that I am still available for work for any game developers needing music.

I'll start this thread with a piece I'll be including in a possible upcoming Unity Asset Store package. If there is enough interest from this community, I'll allow this version of the piece to be downloaded free.
Slightly disappointed in myself; had a hectic schedule to the point that I didn't commit to this place as often as I could've.

Anyway, here are two pieces that, if popular enough, will be available in the Unity Asset Store with other pieces.
Glad you came back!

I really like eno-ambience. I can really imagine that imparting a mysterious exploration feel to a game. It makes me think of the first level of a 2d platformer like Cave Story, where you are just figuring out what the world is like.

Keep up the good work!
Thank you very much, both for welcoming me back and for the comment on Eno Ambience. It was inspired by Brian Eno, though I was going for a Minecraft-style sound with the piece. Nice reinterpretation, though! Thanks again for listening!
Some ambient horror for everyone. Closest to a drone I've done in a while.
I apologize for yet another absence; as a student, I have been busy with my finals, among other things.

That said, I managed to finish the soundtrack for a game mod a few days ago!
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