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Full Version: A tutorial to create realtime multiplayer game in iOS, like it?
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Hi all,

Wanted to get quick feedback from the community. We have created a tutorial to develop realtime multiplayer iOS game using Gamooga. The game is Turn Wars, you can find the tutorial here: (its based on the tutorial of Turn Wars from Ray Wenderlich website, we have developed the game further and made it realtime multiplayer). We are intending to do more tutorials like this on realtime mulitplayer gaming and realtime collaborative apps for iOS using Gamooga platform. But before that wanted to understand the reaction of the community and get your feedback. How do you feel is the tutorial?

A short word on Gamooga: Its a cloud based realtime backend for multiplayer games. Unlike inbuilt support for turn based games in iOS, Gamooga can power realtime games and also allow you to upload your server side game code onto its cluster to create authoritative game servers. For more information, please checkout our website:

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