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Full Version: Composer Available- (New royalty free tracks)
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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out my post.

My name is Clark and I'm a composer, guitarist and pianist.

I mainly work within an orchestral context, but I am also adept at making unique synths & sounds out of any source (quite literally - listen to this piece Everything you hear is sourced from nails!)

Here's some of my music for you to listen to,

Intense Orchestral Action:

Retro 8bit:

Indie/Ambient Synths:

Ambient Acoustic Guitar:

Dramatic Synths/Bells:

Fantasy/Adventure Orchestral:

Action/Ethnic Orchestra:

And more on my soundcloud page:

I love writing music and would love to bring quality music to your game.
For more information, pricing, etc. email me at

Added some new tracks to soundcloud.

Zany Action - An arcade style track.

I Don't Think they're Friendly - Boss Fight/Sci-Fi

Check out the others on the soundcloud link in the first post.

If you're a musician yourself and have Kontakt 5, try out my free custom synth patch. All sounds sourced from a massive tile saw!

Hear it here:
Try if for yourself here:

Just finished up a 8bit/chiptune soundtrack! Have a listen here:
Added 3 new free loops for you all to check out.

Medieval/Fantasy Folk:

Indie Synth style:

Sneaky Orchestral Strings:

I have to honestly say, as a fellow composer, that your work is quite amazing!
Thanks for the kind words George! Much appreciated!
Here's a new Orchestral track, "Quest for a King"
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