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Full Version: Tranquility: Can a Game Make You Relax?
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I'm part of a group of gamers, working on a fun concept for an app.
The concept:

Most games are about doing; achieving objectives, pumping adrenaline... but can we make a game that does the opposite? Can we create a compelling game that keeps you interested, but while keeping you relaxed? We are developing the concept of a game played in short sessions which unlock stages of relaxation and reward taking your time.

If you'd like to help us refine the idea, you're more than welcome to take this quick survey we've whipped up.

I'm enjoying the community here, and hoping to contribute something of worth to the industry at large.
Here's to exploring different directions in gaming.
Perhaps you are not aware of (and would be interested in) the long-running game Tranquility:

I hadn't realized it was still going as recently as 2010, but it appears to be gone now. Pity..

Good luck in your project!
The idea itself is innovative, i really want to play that kind of game, i sincerely wish you good luck with project!
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