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Full Version: Visual Development and Production studio available
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Hello there!

My name is Stephan du Quesnoy and I'd like to introduce my company to you.

Stroke Studios is a studio that focuses on the creation of storyworlds for IP's that are interesting and inspire audiences and creative teams.
We have recently supplied our clients with high quality concept art, stories, styleguides but also with game-assets such as user interface design, animated sprites. For large projects we offer outsource management, giving you original design with production prices that are affordable, and close to no risk.

To view our past projects and range of services, go to our website:

If you are seeking guidance or assistance with your project or simply would like to discuss a matter with us, feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

With best regards,
Stephan du Quesnoy
CEO Stroke Studios

[Image: perfecearth-bots.jpg]
[Image: portrait1.jpg]
[Image: turnaround-wraith.jpg]
[Image: sprites2.jpg]
[Image: indoormockup.jpg]
[Image: denham-kopie.jpg]
[Image: derpentrance.jpg]
[Image: userinterface_10.png]
[Image: userinterface_01.jpg]
[Image: ui1.png]
Hello, we once again have room for new projects!

And some new art ofcourse

[Image: BG_CM_v5-2_textured.png]
[Image: photo%206.png]
[Image: photo.png]
[Image: photo%202.png]
[Image: photo%203.png]
[Image: photo%204.png]
[Image: photo%205.png]
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