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Full Version: You mean I can actually write games for a living?
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After all the time I spent convincing myself this would never happen, I now write video games for a living! Wow Love I'm the first employee / third coder at a startup that makes a game that currently resembles LEGO + The Sims on the web. Cool

I just wanted to write a quick thank-you to everyone here who has answered my questions and kept me motivated with contests and competition. This community has been a big part of why I still have a passion for game development. Names I can think of offhand are Will Hogben, Dan Lurie, Keith Bauer, FlamingHairball (whose real name I can't remember), Alex Sikora, Andy Korth, Marin Saric (creator of METAL BASIC, whom I've now actually met!), Alex Diener, Seth Willits, and of course Carlos Camacho.

The game itself is in a very, very, very early stage, but you can check out the current iteration here:

We're currently in the phase where we post sandbox worlds on specific forums as small-scale, quick play tests for feedback. I made the one above for iDG, but if you want to see what a larger community has done, you can look at the Something Awful world:

There are a few navigation, building, and community-related features under development (e.g. farther zoom-out, copy/paste, galleries, etc) so I might update when we deploy those changes. Anyway, have fun!

(I guess this doesn't have anything to do with Mac game development, but I think I've paid my dues in that regard. Rasp)

((I hesitated before I submitted this post because now I won't have 666 posts anymore.))
Congrats, man. I hope you learn many new and interesting things! … And then make even cooler games for contests and awesome articles for iDG. Wink
Dude, congrats!
Congrats! Smile
Congrats! It's always great to hear about other friends who are making the leap Grin
Great to hear! I went full time (albeit not in games, but independent development) about a year ago, and I have zero regrets.
Awesome! I see that the game allows you to draw & upload your own stuff, do you have an army of mods for that? Wink
Keep us up to date on how it goes man! Good luck and enjoy it! We'll have to grab dinner again next time I'm in SF (I'm already craving a Pearl's burger).

Dude, awesome. Game is looking sweet too - keep us posted!
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