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Full Version: Graphics artist partner needed for an arcade-style game
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I am currently working on an arcade-styled game (written using haxenme - cross platform tool), which will be released as a flash game, and will later be released on mobile devices (iPhone, Android).
I'm looking for a graphics artist to join me as a partner, create all the necessary graphical content for the game, and help with the game design (concept art and a game demo will be given upon request).

About me:
My name is Gal Oron, and I have been programming games for the past ~5 years. I have played them for the past ~18 Smile.
I am currently studying Computer Science in the Open University of Israel (3rd year), towards a B.Sc.

Feel free to contact me here, or through my email address which is given in my portfolio (not written here against bots).

Thank you,
Gal (a.k.a Tamper)
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