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Full Version: Find Out How Your Favorite IPhone Game Developers Think!
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Hi guys

If you guys would like to find out how the developers behind award winning games such as Canabalt, Bumpy Road, Super Crate Box, Hunters, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Mansion found success on the App Store, do take a look at my new book.

The App Store Playbook: Discover How 10 Successful iPhone App Developers Hit It Big Selling Games On The App Store

[Image: AppStorePB_cover_250x333.jpg]

It's been getting pretty good reviews so far so do take the time to check it out. Thanks!
Hi guys,

To promote my book, I'm also giving away a free copy of my Guerrilla Guide to App Marketing ebook. If you're keen, just drop me a pm or let me know ur email so that I can send it over.

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