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Full Version: Dedicated character artist seeking work
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Hi all, I'm a 3D artist from London currently studying traditional art and looking for any work in Character art - offering good, indie-friendly rates (I can also do props if need be. Smile ) Currently looking for paid work rather than royalties, etc.

If you'd like to view some of my work, please do so at:


[COLOR="DarkOrange"]If interested, please drop me a mail at:[/COLOR]

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon Smile

Phil Mehr

[Image: zDSNm.jpg]

[Image: MasSC.jpg]

[Image: Be7no.jpg]

[Image: Waster_Comp.jpg]

[Image: Alien_Comp.jpg]

[Image: Vulgrim_Mini.jpg]

[Image: 780x459.jpg]

[Image: Monk_Sculpt.jpg]
Updated with a recent version of a soldier WIP for a client and an entry for a texturing comp Smile
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