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Full Version: Backend for multiplayer games
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Hey Guys,

Could someone point out a back end guide for creating multiplayer games without using Apples GameCenter SDK. I am a little confused as to how to go about this process, what kind of database to use, security, etc.

Any help will be appreciated.

Not every game requires a database server. What do you actually need to accomplish?
just some basic data checking, and user matching.
"Basic data checking" is a bit vague, but Game Center can do user matching, and then you don't need a backend. GC also has some "basic data" capabilities (leaderboards, achievements) which perhaps is all you want.
Trying to build such a system from the ground up is overkill.
Using something else that most users are not familiar with will not go so well.

I'd advise to go with GameCenter to begin with and if the need arises then try to look for/make something else. Smile
I would agree that GameCenter would be the best option to start with. Another option out there that I recently heard about is called Game Minion (, but I haven't tried it myself yet.

- Andrew
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