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Full Version: #12 in Paid Apps & Top 100 in Free Apps - How I Did It
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Hey Guys,

I'm forming a new game studio with some friends and will also be blogging at the same time because I get asked a lot of questions all the time about game development & marketing on a small buget. I wanted to share with you how I got to #12 in paid apps (Trivia) & Free Apps (Trivia) using the same technique with the same app two times.

If you find it useful, please share it with your fellow developers on Twitter, FB, etc. Also, please leave your comments on the blog if you have any questions.



P.S. - There's are some in depth posts about outsourcing. Next week I'm going to start the blog at the concept part all the way to getting it in the app store.
Also, I'm writing a book on Mobile App Marketing. I'm about 120 pages in so far. If you want to know when it's ready, subscribe on the blog.
Could you let us know how the time trends with respect to rankings have been ie. patterns of sales and rankings, sharp uprise during launch, plateaus, time effects, promo effects etc. etc.

Also what is your take with respect to time and effort required to make the app, vs. rewards??


I went into a bit of this into the blog but what I did was identify my market and started marketing to them before my app was released. So over the course of a month I had built up my fan base through daily interactions on the Facebook Fan Page, E-Mail Subscriptions, contests & giveaways, etc.

There was a significant giveaway tied in with the app, so when the release date of the app was broadcast to the fan base, the app sold the most on the release weekend and then was pretty steady for a week and then trailed off within 2 & 1/2 weeks. I believe unless you have a major marketing budget, that is about the typical shelf life for an app unless there are some other factors involved.

I patterned my efforts after what Hollywood & the music industry does but on a macro level. The total time marketing time was about two months where the marketing plan was divided up into different segments with the last two weeks being pre-launch activities & then launch week.


Wow this is a very scientific approach when it comes to marketing apps. The info is very useful thanks for your insights. I never knew marketing an app could be so calculated. It obviously works too seeing that it made it to number 12.
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