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Full Version: Receive Beautiful Karma by Helping Some Grad Students with Research
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We are conducting a project for our Marketing Research class and we are looking to get some feedback from gaming professionals about their companies’ IT needs. Please click below to go to a short questionnaire (only 13 questions). It only takes 5 minutes. It’s completely anonymous. We need everyone and anyone who works in the industry to please take the time to help us out with this school project; we’re not picky! Plus, we’ll send you the results when the analysis is done.
I can't tell whether or not you're a bot, but on the off-chance you're not:
  • I've moved this thread to the Business Center sub-forum as it seems the most relevant to the questions you're asking ("We are conducting a project for our Marketing Research class [...]" ≠ Tools & Technology);
  • please don't double post Wink
Yeah I'm not a bot. Tried to make my posts as humanly as possible.

Heard on the double post.
Win a $10 Starbucks Gift Card! We have a drawing for all respondents who complete the survey by THIS FRIDAY, Nov 16, and leave an email address to which we can send the E-gift card. We're only looking to get about ~40 respondents so the odds are going to be pretty decent.
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