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Full Version: Yildiz: New 3D RTS space game
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Hello everybody!

Im a new member in this forum and I want to share with you my game "yildiz-online" which Im currently developping.

Yildiz-online is a massively multiplayer strategy game(MMORTS). It's a combination of classical startegy game(like: Homeword or Starcraft) and management game(like: Ogame).

The game takes place in outer space colonized by humans, a lost expedition found abandonned space bases built by unknown civilization. After some centuries they developped and colonized the entire system.

The game is entirely in 3 dimensions. Goal is to develop and assure the management of its base,or if you wish, to create an army to attack other players to steal their resources.

It can be played on windows and linux platform.

I hope that you guys will like it. Im waiting for your feedback Smile


Here are some screenshots:

[Image: 5.jpg]

[Image: 7.jpg]

[Image: 8.jpg]

-Server is deployed.

-A handbook was written to explain game mechanics and how to play.

-Then account creation app will be the last step before alpha.

-The game has been made ready to accept 100 accounts(it is far too many for a first test week but it is currently the maximum number of bases allowed in a solar system).

-Public alpha will start today at 7pm GMT.

-For more info check my website:

-You can report bugs or give your suggestions on:
Looking forward to try this game out and give you some feedback for bugs and stuff
I'd love to see a video of your game in action. Can't tell too much from the screenshots here, and there doesn't seem to be a lot on the webpage.
@turundus: If you can notice in my recent reply, I've talked about the Alpha test which has started already: (-Public alpha will start today at 7pm GMT.

-For more info check my website:

-You can report bugs or give your suggestions on: )

@Andykorth : You can try the Alpha test of the game too to live the game action Smile

- Asteroid capture is complete and added to the game.

- The new Yildiz's version is released.

- Alpha test is still available, do not hesitate to give it a try Smile

- Check the website for more details:

[Image: 10.jpg]

- New panel to display resources gathering info.

- Arrow keys to move camera.

- Coming up: a new ship!

- A new ship is available: the vulture, the mesh is not final and there will be a change on speed, range and damages.

- Soon, it will be able to "jump" to distant location, using an amount of energy.

- Download the game to check the new version which JUST has been deployed on:

*Your feedback is always welcomed! Smile

Working on a powerful AI system; goal driven. This will give a better behavior to the units.

-The latest version is deployed with pretty much improvements.

-Check it on :

- An important part of the software has been rewritten:

*the destruction of units, the code is now way better and less error prone, it was necessary to hunt some bugs really hard to identify.

- Now the focus is on new features and visual improvements; 3 major bugs are left(unit not destroyed when HP = 0, unit not responding to a move order in some case when attacking and the loss of mouse/keyboard when using the unit list window). They shouldnt be too hard to fix, but the exact cause still needs to be identified through more testing.

- Launcher side: The news will now be displayed in the same language as the one chosen for the game(English and French are currently available)

Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

-The newest version is now deployed. It is mainly focused on internal changes and some minor visual improvements.

-Check it on: Yildiz project, and for those who didn't try it yet, you can always download it from the same website.

- A new video is going to be posted soon!


Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

Bugs fixed:

-When a ship changed its destination, the speed was reset to 0.

-When 2 sessions were existing for the same player, only the first one was recieving info, now only one session is possible at a time.

-In the city management window, icons were not correctly placed in the case of high resolution screen.

-A new texture when the mouse is over a unit


-Second planet added for the second group of space bases.


-Game client code cleaning.
-Updated Server database connector to last version.

-The last version is deployed!

Yildiz-Online Community Manager.
The newest release!

Try Yildiz-Online new version by creating an account then downloading the game from the website: Yildiz project

Bugs fixed:

-Wrong texture in unit list window.
-Exception server side fixed.
-Velocity was not sent with a move action when initialising game.
-Move request ignored when a unit was attacking.
-Wrong staff value for mining guild level 3.


-Poly count for several objects reduced(firefly is now 3800 instead of 14000!)
-Physic engine compiled with optimisations on.


-Asteroids are now in correct position for 1st planet.
-Improved camera zoom.

Yildiz-Online Community Manager.
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