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Full Version: Attack of the Gelatinous Blob - AI centric RTS game
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Hello IndieGamers! We'd like to share with you a project that's been sporadically worked on for about 2 years now in the form of multiple iterations.

[Image: bMHfT.png]

The game is still in development. Public beta is expected out by the 3rd quarter of 2013. This is going to be a single-player RTS. As such the enemies, which will be mainly composed of urban civilians and the army, must be both challenging as well as entertaining. AI is a big focus for the game and will be achieved using GOAP techniques.

[Image: Zn1NQ.jpg]
[Image: bhSL6.jpg]
[Image: GyX9r.jpg]

The game was first announced on, and that is our main hub for continuous updates, in combination with Twitter. We'll do our best to keep threads like this one up to date though.

Fore more, see:
Attack of the Gelatinous Blob on IndieDB
Attack of the Gelatinous Blob on Twitter

Thanks for reading! Now we'd love to hear how you like it so far, and what you might want to see or do in a game like this.
Watched the video only, and I'm not clear what it's about. It looks like an RTS, but all I see is that you maybe control blobs and tear down a building.

Looking on the post: "As you advance through the streets with your army of jelly, civilians will react in a great number of ways." I didn't even see civilians at all in this video. (A re-watch revealed machine gun fire coming from a bunker it looks like, but that's all.)

Showing blob-civiailian interaction more to explain what the "purpose" of the game is more clearly would be nice.
Aah yes, good feedback. There will be some discrepancies between our descriptions and actual game footage as long as we're in the pre-alpha phase.

We'll be showing civilian AI reactions in one of our next devblog entries for sure. That'll explain better what kind of gameplay you can expect, starting with the civilian opponent and the army will come later.

There's also going to be a story to lead the player as they make their way through the campaign. More on that a few weeks into December.
Looks interesting - keep us updated!
If anyone's interested in Entity Systems, we recently put up a post about exactly that on our IndieDB page.

It's pretty much a "primer on entity systems", so if you're unfamiliar with the concept you should still be able to follow along. On the other hand if you're already employing entity systems in your grand scheme to take over the world, you'll probably learn nothing new.

Also put up a little sample from the editor workspace the game is being made from. A big stretch goal of ours is to make the game fully moddable.
[Image: ss-editor.png]
An up-to-date gameplay preview is now available on YouTube. Your thoughts and questions are most welcome:

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