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Full Version: Advent Programming Contest
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Just stumbled upon a thread posted in xkcd's Coding forum by LordBritish (presumably not that Lord British Wink) advertising the Advent Programming Contest organised by the IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt:

LordBritish Wrote:[J]oin any time, no registration cost[,] no prizes[...]A new problem will be added everyday until December 24.

Solutions to problems may be submitted in C, C++, Java, Perl, or Python.

A few links: to the xkcd forum thread, to the post announcing the contest, and to the contest site.
Not sure if anybody from this forum participated in the contest (I didn't notice any familiar names on the ranking board Wink), but I achieved a rank of 11th (out of 118 participants) – I'm as surprised as anybody Blink

Edit: Apparently I achieved a better rank than I thought Blink
Good job. What were the challenges like?
SethWillits Wrote:What were the challenges like?

I hadn't realised that I hadn't replied to this thread Blush I posted my solutions to – as well as the descriptions of – those problems I solved when I participated in the contest in 2012 (C & C++) and 2013 (Java) on my blog.
Wow - great job!
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