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Full Version: Problem with the graphics color on a videogame for iphone
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I've been doing several graphics for an iphone videogame, I use Illustrator, in my imac the colors look as I want them, but when testing on iphone the colors look too dull and nothing bright, someone has any idea how to solve this problem? I would really appreciate it,

in advance, thanks

Color profiles are the usual cause of this kind of insanity. You'll need to find out from the programmer whether the method they're using to load the texture and display it is respecting any embedded color profiles, or assuming anything, and coax illustrator into behaving compatibly.
Hmm. The fact that I can't find a single bit of documentation on the display profile is interesting.

If a couple assumptions are true, then CGBitmapContextGetColorSpace -> CGColorSpaceCopyICCProfile and opening the profile on your Mac could be interesting. I no longer have an iOS developer account so I can't do any device testing myself.
Just as a side comment on this, every single one of my iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3) running the same app straight from Xcode all have the same image appearing at different brightness levels. This would indicate that you are aiming at a moving target from your iMac in the first place.
Everybody runs their laptops and screens at different brightness too. That's to be expected, but the effect of brightness comes after the color matching process.
Thanks to all for your response, I haven´t been able to solve this issue, I´m testing in an iphone 4, and I have found other people that have the same problem and it seems that the color saturation problem is solved in the iphone 5 and the ipad 3, so what I´m going to do is try tio find a color that looks as best as possible in the oldest devices and stop worrying about the new ones

thanks again Smile
I wouldn't say it's "solved." It's just different and happens to be more like what you'd expect. That doesn't mean the iPhone 6 wouldn't be different.

From inside of a UIView's drawRect: do UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext* -> CGBitmapContextGetColorSpace -> CGColorSpaceCopyICCProfile, and then save the data returned and upload it somewhere. Bonus points for doing this on two different devices.

*It hopefully is actually a bitmap context and thus allows the rest of it to work.
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