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Full Version: Precopter - Taxing in the air
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Hi Guys,

My first game is available on the iPhone appstore: Precopter

The game was inspired by one of my old time favorites, UGH, but I redesigned it according today’s
expectations (new graphic, power-ups, more logic), and I added physics into the game (waterfall,
breakable rocks, lakes…).

Now I'm working on the windows phone version. It has a trailer made by me with iMovie - it was tough Smile

[Image: mzl.iptrmnxt.320x480-75.jpg]
[Image: mzl.wjvjpmeo.320x480-75.jpg]

Would love to hear any feedback. Thanks Blush
If you want to try it you can get promo code here: promo code contest
Free/Lite version is available too now:

Available on android too:
Rate and share please Rolleyes
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