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Full Version: Mozilla Game On - Win a trip to GDC (HTML5)
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Wow, looks great! I really like the prize selection. The only tricky thing is that if someone's already planning to go to GDC, they'd probably want to have their ticket and travel plans well before February...I guess the grand prize is for developers who wouldn't have been able to go to GDC otherwise?
You're right, it's not something worth holding off your booking, but if you do win, you do get some worthwhile perks other than the ticket.

- All category winners will get a Nvidia GeForce GTX670.
- Get the red carpet treatment! Roundtrip airfare, 7 nights of hotel accommodations in San Francisco, two All Access.
- Dinner with EA's award-winning game developer Michael John.
- Promotion of your game in the Game On Gallery and across Mozilla networks.
- One year membership to top industry associations IGDA and UKIE.
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