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Full Version: Game Character Development ( video tutorial )
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So finaly I've created this little guy.
Everything is recorded so if you are interested in watching the process of making it I encourage you to visit

[Image: char_wood.jpg]

[Image: char_wood_01.jpg]

[Image: char_wood_02.jpg]

[Image: wires_screens.jpg]

[Image: zbrush_screens.jpg]

So I hope you like it and I hope that tutorial will be useful for everyone who will watch it.

What is that price, $1,75? What does the comma mean?
Is it one dollar and seventy-five cents?
The model looks great.
Whoa, yeah that model is tight. I can confirm the price is $1.75.

I kind of want to watch through it even though I own close to none of the tools used, just to get more familiar with that whole process.

Is the music from the Intro video played throughout the entire tutorial? It kinda distracts from your voice.

EDIT: Bought it. I'll post impressions soon.
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