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Full Version: MelonDash - Watermelon Racing on the iOS! Unique casual racing game with watermelons!
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I am an indie developer working on a game called MelonDash. MelonDash is a fun spin on racing games. Instead of driving a car, the player rolls around a colorful watermelon. The melon can roll pretty fast, so the player must balance speed with caution. Roll the watermelon into a rock (or a pig), and SPLAT - your round racer pal turns into fleshy melon chunks.

[Image: 97cd18651ca4a4d885163635e3ff06ca_large.png?1357221343]

[Image: 84cd95453bf0a9a518800bb31ff2a68f_large.png?1357258206]

For a gameplay video and more info, check out our Kickstarter campaign:

By making a pledge to our Kickstarter campaign, you can be a part of this indie game project and receive some cool rewards - a copy of the finished game, early beta access, even the opportunity to design your own powerup, melon, and level!
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