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Full Version: Macworld/iWorld 2013?
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Is anybody else attending Macworld/iWorld in San Francisco next week?

If so, let me know and let's have a drink!
Heh. I forgot Macworld exists. Kindofabummer that Apple no longer has a presence.
Definitely. I just happen to be in San Fran on the day of the conference - otherwise, I wouldn't be attending at all. As is, I got a free pass and just decided to stop in briefly.

If anybody is in the bay area and wants to meet up, it would be great to meet some iDevGames comrades!
I may be able to make it up (or if you have transport, you could come down...). What dates would be best?
I'll only be there on the first day of the conference, but I'll be in town Tuesday afternoon/evening and all day Wednesday, too.
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