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Full Version: Global Game Jam 2013
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The Global Game Jam runs from Jan 25th - Jan 27th.. which is this weekend. Scott, myself, and many other people in Minnesota will be participating. So each one of you should look to see if there's a local jam in your area:

Check this location list:

Already a lot of Twin Cities MN folks:

Anyway, I highly recommend it. You'll meet a bunch of new people with different skillsets. I think it is primarily a physical meetup, but you might be able to find internet people to participate with...?
Man, this looks fun. Makes me really miss NYC what with everything they're doing for it Cry

But there's one little meetup in Las Vegas that has three people going. Thinking about checking it out!
Yeah, you should try to get active in the local community, even if it's small. We go to the IGDA meetings, and over the years it's really grown. There are a lot of people hiding in the woodwork, and they just need some good meetups to bring them all together.

Also, heard you got a Das Keyboard, welcome to the club Grin
Bring the Das Keyboard to the game jam and program *really* *really* loudly. Intimidate the competition into submission.
Haha, I'd drive them all insane like Jack Torrance from The Shining. Clickclickclickclickemclickem.

We'll see, I was a dummy and had already made plans for the evenings, but I might poke in during the day and jam part-time. I'd love to get involved with a local scene here in Vegas! Working in a vacuum suuuuucks.
Dang, I wish I'd planned ahead a bit better for this. I knew it was happening, but the date snuck up on me. Looks like there's a great local jam near me that I'd love to go to, but I don't think I can make it on such short notice. Sad

Will definitely have to plan ahead and go next year!
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