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Full Version: Welcome to the Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones needs feedback!
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Hi all iDevGames ppl!

We would really appreciate support & feedback on our iOS & Android game Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones. that releases April 2013.

Please visit to register for Beta that releases in Feb 2013.

Gameplay trailer:

Thanks a lot!!

Short game desc:

This is iOS & Android strategy game, set in fantasy world of Aldfarne! When starting you choose your Warlord: Wizard, Dwarf, Elf or Ranger.

In 50 different levels, you will face 20+ different evil enemies and bosses and multiple victory conditions which will make each level unique. On your way, you will have different units, spells, items and home tower upgrades to choose from!

You will find unique strategic points of interest in more complex level and be surprised by random item drops from evil bosses! First release will be single player, followed by coop and PvP multiplayer modes and items marketplace! Upon release expect updates on new warlords, units, spells & items!

Here is gameplay video from new version 1.90 released few days ago. We believe we have rounded product that will show you gameplay. We are releasing open BETA in 3 weeks.
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