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Full Version: Dev needed for Action RPG Runner from World Without End creator
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I'm looking for an ios dev to code my newest game, Oasis, a story-based action/RPG Runner. My other game, World Without End, is currently being programmed and in good hands, so I thought I'd start another game as a way to give other devs a chance who wanted to work on it but I couldn't find a spot for. Unfortunately, the dev I was working with on this newer game had to drop out after a month, so I thought I'd offer it up to whoever shows the most enthusiasm for a game of this genre.

This is a profit share only thing. I have some code done for it, but I don't know how far my last dev got before he had to go. It'd be up to you if you want to continue where he left off or just start fresh on your own.

Any questions, just PM me, thanks!

[Image: oasistitlescreen.jpg]

[Image: oasisupgrademenu.jpg]

[Image: oasisHUD1.jpg]

[Image: oasisHUD2.jpg]
Beautiful art! Good luck with the game!
Looks interesting - add me on Skype (flaminghairball).
Position still available, PM me for more info, thanks.
Sent you a PM.
This looks really good! Is it for iOS or Mac?
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