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Full Version: iDevGames' GDC-Was-Awesome-And-I-Need-To-Make-A-Game Jam!
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iDevGames' GDC-Was-Awesome-And-I-Need-To-Make-A-Game Jam! Starts March 29th and ends April 15th. Theme to be announced. No prizes, just glory and self-satisfaction.

Who's in?
Hmm. That's actually a pretty good timeline for me. I can start working on the game I've wanted to work on for months now. :-\
If the theme's agreeable I'll likely try to participate Grin
This sounds like a lot of fun. I've been dying for a good non-competitive jam and the chance to make something small to cleanse my palate of all this beat-em-up coding and kung fu Wacko
Sounds good to me!
If I can get my hands on a new iMac by then (no stock Cry ), I'm in.
Haha, awesome Seth. I'm so sad I won't be going to GDC to get the same motivation Sad.

Don't have to be there to join in the fun. Smile
(Mar 9, 2013 12:44 PM)EvolPenguin Wrote: [ -> ]Haha, awesome Seth. I'm so sad I won't be going to GDC to get the same motivation Sad.


Pff. GDC is for the weak. Let's you and I team up. Grin
GDC is happening now! Our little jam starts in two days so I thought I'd reveal the "theme" so you have a little time to prepare:

I figured rather than hold anyone to a themeā€¦ just have at it. Do whatever you want. But if you'd like to stick to a theme for the sake of it, the theme is: Inverted. Interpret as liberally as you desire!
I guess this started. Two weeks?
I think I should do my taxes instead Sad

Heh. I have mine to finish as well, but I'm noodling on my idea still. Was gone all day yesterday and busy on Friday as well. Who picked this theme, anyway?
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