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Full Version: Dump Truck Simulator
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Hey fellas,

I'm looking for a couple kind-hearted testers to take a look at a little game I've got going and offer some feedback on the controls - particularly how it handles. I've been playing it too long and am too good at it to judge objectively. Cry

All that's needed is an iPad, iPhone, or a computer with a mouse (remember those things?).

The only payment I can offer at this time is the warm feeling of helping out a fellow game dev, a free sandwich if we ever meet in real life, and a promo code on release, obviously. Oh, and some SMASHTASTIC DUMP TRUCK ACTION ™.

And of course the glamor shot

If this sounds right up your alley, shoot me an email at

I'm interested, but I have a question (which I'll post here for the benefit of anybody else who's interested but who has the same question Wink): what are the system requirements? (I mean, if you want I'll try to test the game on a 2nd generation iPod touch running iOS 4.2.1…)
I'm an empiricist - I'd love to see how it runs (or more likely explodes) on a 2nd gen iPod Touch. Send me your UDID and I'll get you a build! Grin
That said, the "official" requirements are 4th gen iPod touch and up, or 2nd gen iPad and up. i.e the devices I can actually test on myself. Sneaky
I've sent you a couple of UDIDs, and the offer of a third Wink
Thank you sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar (and also very stylish, I can tell).
Looks nice, Lincoln. Unity I assume?
(Mar 17, 2013 10:23 AM)SethWillits Wrote: [ -> ]Looks nice, Lincoln. Unity I assume?

Thanks! It is indeed Unity. It's also 900% better in motion - Have an iPad?
Sadly not. It's probably the one Apple device made in the last decade I haven't owned.
(Mar 19, 2013 10:40 AM)SethWillits Wrote: [ -> ]Sadly not. It's probably the one Apple device made in the last decade I haven't owned.

Where is the donate-to-get-Seth-an-iPad page?

I've emailed back everyone who sent me a UDID (sorry it's so late - crazy week). If you sent a UDID and did *not* receive an email back then please resend your email or post here so I can get you in.

Thanks guys!
If you could link us with some gameplay footage of this dump truck... hehe
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