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Full Version: Privacy Policy & Terms of Services
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I was wondering when we should add legal documentation like Terms of Services, Privacy Policies and EULAs.

If I am making a simple basic app with some basic IAP like remove ads and unlock levels, is it required?

Personal opinion: Not really. Unless you're letting the user create an account / taking other information from them, there's no need for a privacy policy or TOS. EULAs generally aren't a bad idea, but nobody is going to care or notice if you don't have one. Certainly don't force it on the user at any point, but if you want to bury it somewhere, sure.
Apple provides a EULA that everyone automatically agrees to when they get an app (I guess). You can provide your own, but Apple suggests you just use theirs.
Thanks guys.

I am asking ppl to log in from facebook, and keeping some basic iap's. I think it will be better to have a privacy policy in place.

Am going over the privacy policies & EULAs of the bigger devs, and man they have crazy terms and conditions in terms of data monitoring and what not!!

Does anybody have a template with the basic Terms of Services for us indies?

Thanks a ton!!

You can just copy and modify any document you see. Or you could always use Plain English. Then people might actually read it. All they really need to be concerned about is you accessing their data, you sharing their data, and you posting to Facebook without their explicit permission. Make it clear what you're doing there and that's really all you need to say. Should only take a few sentences.
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