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Full Version: This is step one! Now what?
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Hello guys,

Recently I decide to look into 2d games as an fun alternative for my 9-5 job which it is as a VFX artist.

I am mostly focusing in 2D/Ipad games since 3d games are way to close to my day time job.

My question are:

1- What are the best websites for industry news.
2- what are the best websites for showcasing work.
3- Websites i should know about.
4- Technical websites (programming / softwares)
5- Conferences and groups I should know of.

Thank you in advance and excited to be here,
-J | LA
There is an iPad news and rumors section on MacRumors. I like MacRumors, although I do not have an account there. This site is good (I believe) for showcasing work and getting/giving feedback (portfolios in the classifieds section). I am new here as well, but have been scanning the sections and have gathered that this is a really good community. I also like for the forums and news/information. If any kinds of tutorials/lessons are what you are looking for, Apple has some pretty good (and long) ones.
Thank you easy_e. This is great info!
No problem, glad I could help! Smile

Here is a link to the library of 'articles' by Apple for development. You can sign up to be an Apple Dev and get extra stuff, I personally have not signed up yet, so I'm not sure what you get. I believe it is a bunch of videos and source code and the option to get a signature for your apps.

Also, here is something good I found for Objective-C tutorials. I'm not sure about the iPad specifics of it, but if you are beginner (like me) than it is helpful for the basics! (This is just the first episode link for the series.)

Edit: And as Baldock said, I completely forgot about Gamasutra - I check there for industry news as well. I second that!
For me I visit , it has daily updates with Mac, ios and it industry news. Also worth visiting for game industry news. For doing GFX work I like to visit 99designs.
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