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Full Version: WWDC 2013
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Anyone else going to WWDC this year?
Mmyep. Wink
Not me. I definitely need to go again — maybe next year.
I'll be there whenever arekkusu is, most likely Rasp
I'll be there Smile
I still live in SF! :-)

If you'd rather have a quiet night with a couple of folks instead of a crowded WWDC party on any given night, I'll show you a bar away from downtown but bus-accessible. Otherwise, looking forward to the inevitable meetup.
I'll be in the OpenGL labs all Thursday. I can probably stay for dinner that evening.
I'm here all week. Playing a lot of "spot the session relevant to games" but hopping between whatever takes my interest.
I'm the one with 4 iOS game app icon stickers on his bag. (SlotZ Racer and 3 others that we're about to release).
Not sure I've seen any idevvers recently. Ping me on twitter (axxl) if you want to meet up!

Meeting for lunch tomorrow (Wednesday) would be great. Or Thursday. I don't really care. More than once maybe Smile
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