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Full Version: Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones - Download OPEN BETA now!
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Hello everyone!

After 5 months work, 19 playable versions released to our internal alpha testing group, we are here with PUBLIC BETA!

Click this text to download tablet optimized Android APK from Google PLAY

Gameplay video:

Game description:

Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones primary objective is to create a GREAT gameplay experience! The battle for fantasy world of Aldfarne begins, so hurry with your defense preparations!

On your way of defeating fierce evil hordes, you'll face various challenges which you can solve by applying your own tactics & strategies. You should choose your army carefully, since each unit has very different abilities.

By using a unique unit control and camp upgrades, you will be able to boost your warlord & army at each level. Watch out for treasure chests on the battlefield and be sure to use your magic wisely!

This game was created by a group of passionate gamers. We fully understand that we can make a great game only by integrating user feedback in the game.

We kindly ask you to provide your feedback at

*** Optimized for tablets

Plans for the final release:

- Publishing prototypes in order to get feedback, both yours and communities
- Polishing UX & UI
- Creating balanced levels, units and out of game economy for F2P monetization
- Adding new levels, magic and upgrades
- Adding 3 more Warlords (Dwarf, Wizard, Elf)
- Creating the interactive ingame tutorial & adaptive help
- Polishing graphics and sound.
- We're also considering making multiplayer modes if either publisher or community show an intrest
- iOS & Android platforms

*** This is public BETA! We kindly ask you to provide your feedback at
Nice! Reminds me a lot of Kingdom Rush.

Is it on the iOS App Store now?
Not yet, as this is public BETA. If you really wish to test, please send me your UDID so we can add it and send you version.
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