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Full Version: Anyone else do Ludum Dare?
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I made a multiplayer abstract minimalist art piece.

Postmortem, commentary, etc:

Keith entered too, but I'm not sure if he'd want me to tell anyone what it does. Sneaky
I'd rather try to make something good than try make something fast (which isn't to say that nobody is capable of doing both, just that I'm not capable of doing both Cry) so... I'm still working on my entry Blush

And I'm afraid We Dreamers doesn't work in Safari 5.1.7 (unless it is intended to be a very minimal entry and never progress past the loading screen - if it is, it works perfectly Wink)
Safari was my least-tested platform. Works great in Chrome and Firefox. Also, isn't Safari 5, like...old?
(May 9, 2013 02:54 PM)stevejohnson Wrote: [ -> ]Also, isn't Safari 5, like...old?

It is, but I thought you might prefer to have a bug report you don't care about than not have a bug report you do care about Wink
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