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Full Version: Danlab lookalike in Google I/O Keynote
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Check out this screenshot:

Looks a lot like danlab-style graphics and camera angles... any chance it is?
It's called Beach Buggy Blitz, and it's made by a company called Vector Unit... and has fantastic reviews on the Android App Store.

I also notice the buggy game is no longer available for Mac...
WOW, that really looks like Dan's graphics. Especially the HUD.
Yeah... You know that was my first reaction upon seeing it too.
There was a clone of our ToySight skydiving game too. Pretty typical that Google's claiming it's innovative with a copy of a game we won an Apple Design Award for in 2004 Smile
I didnt made this game.
And i didnt put any patent about adding palm trees in a game :-)

i tested this game and its not really a racer.. its a runner game with car

Hehe. Maybe you should have. Wink

I do think people go a little to far in claiming that people copied somebody else's art style for games. (Cubes and low res textures! Rah!) I suppose it's probably a good problem to have that your art is recognizable enough that people can compare it to other things. Smile
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