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Full Version: App store and currency conversion
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I'm just looking for info from someone who has an app on the market about how Apple deals with currency conversion. Say I put an app on the market from the US, and someone buys it in Singapore.

The contract states that the dev is responsible for conversion fees from their bank, but there is no info about how much that might be. If their bank charges a lot, that could suck.
Apple updated their payment system a while back to consolidate all commissions into a single monthly payment that's pre-converted to the currency chosen when you set up your bank account info. For most banks in most countries that means no extra fees, or maybe one modest fee a month.

You can see Apple's exchange rates on your financial reports, and on average they are far better than what most banks would ding you for the same conversions.
Hey, thanks for the info. This makes it a lot less worrying for me. Smile
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