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Full Version: Is there a way to access old posts?
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Hi there,

browsing the forums I notice lot of links to old threads, like this:

not currently reachable.

Are such posts lost? If not, is there a way to translate the old thread ids to actual ones?
All of the old threads are still around, but I have no idea what that would have linked to. AFAIK, all of the old thread ids were imported exactly as they were before, and so there should be a thread 15317, but I don't see it. Maybe an upgrade to the forum software messed this all up without me knowing.

FWIW: The URLs by default are thread-ID.html, but you can also use the form showthread.php?tid=ID. Apparently the older t=ID does not work which could be fixed with some modrewrite.
Sigh. Yep. Somewhere along the way the thread ids changed. With 10,000 threads, there's no way to fix this. Sad
After some sleuthing I *think* I found that thread here:

1 down, 9,999 to go Rasp

That was some old pong thing that hairball was messing with. I wound up writing a different implementation for him, which uses my timing algorithm which I learned from ThemsAllTook's timing tutorial. That should be here at iDG too, but I don't have a link handy for it.

[edit] Here it is:
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