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Full Version: Questions Using Source Code and Drag & Drop Game Makers
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Hey guys,

I'm looking at getting into making an iOS game. I have skills making sprites, art, etc. and Visual Basic programming. I've made maps, mods, etc for FPS games before and received thousands of downloads, so I'm not new to game making, but totally new to iOS making. I'm ready and willing to learn to code, but I'm wondering if there's a "drag and drop" game maker that does a lot of it for you?

I'm also looking at source code to use. Do you guys know of any reputable places?

I have seen one site that looks like it may be reputable - a company named Blue Cloud Solutions (I'd link, but seeing as this is my first post I don't want to violate rules or look like a spammer). He seems to know what he's talking about, but he comes across as a used car salesman selling sizzle instead of steak, he hasn't responded to my posts, I can't find reviews of him, etc. I have a hunch he may have some good source code but just lets the devs respond (if your comment is approved, that is - mine was not) to user questions/problems on their blog.

It would suck to spend dozens-hundreds of hours on a game, submit it for review, and receive an error because of something in your source code.

Thanks Smile
I suspect Unity3D or Corona are probably what you're looking for.

I wouldn't trust any-some-dude's source code. Like you said. If it fails review then yer screwed in that case. Commercial engines are usually the way to go if you're not coding it yourself, although if you have some coding experience then open source stuff like Cocos2D might suffice. Even commercial engines have bugs that can fail review, but the support is usually orders of magnitude higher than the one-man-shows can provide.
Thanks AnotherJake. It looks like Unity3D has a lot of knowledgeable users on its forums, so I see what you mean regarding support. I still have to look into Corona.

Does anyone have any experience with a program akin to UniTile? It looks like a "drag and drop" program for 2D level design - though it appears to use SpriteManager, which I've read bad things about. It appears that 2DToolKit is leagues better in terms of price and features. I am all ears on suggestions. Smile
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